• Cap 100
  • EU & CH
  • Improved systems & jobbing
  • Brand new systems

  • Coming soon

    Prepare yourselves because Eternity's doors will be opened very soon! Stay tuned and do not miss this epic journey which you will never forget!

    About Eternity

    Eternity Online is a server which is made professionally after a lot of thinking and planning before taking any step and implementing any feature, it has taken us a very long time to have it done properly as you will see it. We really would like to present you a real balanced server where you'll feel different, we aspire to be a new addition in Silkroad world by presenting you new services, features and events that you have never seen before, you'll really feel like you're playing SRO for the first time. Follow us on our Facebook page and communicate with us on Discord. We will present you what you deserve and we promise you'll enjoy every moment you spend with us in Eternity (Except during alchemy, it depends on your luck :p). We promise a new adventure that you'll rarely find at SRO.

    Creativeness at its best!

    We really love being creative and we also would like to present SRO community a server where they will really find new features that they have been looking for since a long time. By new, we really mean new features that were never seen before.

    Long term

    Long term does not only depend on you as a player, but it also depends on us as server owners/developers. I mean, we must give you a reason to stay, yea? In Eternity, we have planned some of the future updates that we'll do after the Grand Opening, and actually most of them aim to refresh the gameplay and keep you excited!

    Our Official Trailer

    Download links will be available soon.

    Eternity's Discord Channel

    We'd be more than happy to communicate with you and hear your opinions and suggestions!